Silver-shine Putty – Your wall’s best friend!

Silver-shine Putty – Your wall’s best friend!

Everyone loves a beautifully painted house, don’t they? A properly painted wall adds a different touch to the look and feel of your house. And if the color of the paint is vibrant, it is an added advantage. Many a time, you will get to see that your wall has a rough or uneven surface after painting. Any idea why this happens? The reason is that many skip the step of applying wall putty before the paint.

Constructing a strong wall is a lengthy process as it requires at least 2-3 coatings of plastering starting from gypsum plastering to primer to wall putty. To apply the coatings of each layer, you have to wait for the previous layer to dry up. This is what makes it even more lengthy. And it is only fair that you get a beautiful and smooth wall once it is constructed after these many steps. However, many run short of patience and happen to skip the step of applying wall putty. Read on this blog to know why wall putty is important in wall construction.

Wall Putty – An overview


Before we go into the details of wall putty, first let’s understand what is meant by wall putty. Available in three different forms, putty is a base plaster of walls that is applied after the coating of primer and before the coating of the paint. This helps in achieving a smooth and even surface that enhances the beauty of the wall. Wall putty is available in the market as

  • White-cement based putty
  • Gypsum based putty
  • Acrylic wall putty

Applying a wall putty will also increase the life of the paints. The biggest advantage of wall putty is that they can be coated on dry as well as wet walls. However, keep in mind that you apply the coating of wall putty only after the coating of the primer has dried. Not only interior wall paints, but wall putty can be also applied to exterior wall paints.

Why choose Wall-putty:


Wall putty helps to fill in the imperfections and open pores of the walls that occur due to the plaster layering. Having said this, you could also wall putty to fill any of the damaged surfaces that occurs due to the drilling of walls or for repairing unwanted cracks as it acts as a strong sealant or filler.

Apart from this, wall putty has a negligible moisture absorption that makes it more durable. Besides this, wall putty is an eco-friendly product that has a balanced pH of around 7.5. Applying wall putty will not only give an even surface to your walls but also protect it from harsh environment.

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