Reasons to prefer polymer gypton powder

Reasons to prefer polymer gypton powder

Polymer gypton powder is a type of wall plaster that is made from gypsum. This gypton plaster is
suitable only for internal usage. Due to the easy applicability and other factors, it is now a preferred
mode to plaster walls. It eliminates the need for putty by providing the seamless finish to the walls with
the qualities of putty. You should use the best gypton plaster in India for a cost-effective finish to your
Why use this?
The obvious question arises, why to use gypton plaster and not putty over the wet plaster. There are a
number of factors that make having polymer gypton powder plaster a better option. Let’s have a look:

1. Easy applicability: This plaster can be applied easily and is most commonly sprayed over the
surface. After that, just leveling is needed. This makes its application super easy and hence is a
preferred choice.

2. Strong adhesion: The plaster contains additional adhesives that are added during the micro-
ionization process during its manufacture. As a result, it binds strongly with the surface. The
chances of plaster falling off are dim. You get a robust plastered surface. Kabco ventures
manufacture Kabco GypPlast, one of the best gypton plaster in India. It can be applied on the
brick wall, pottery, cement block and even concrete with the same outcome.

3. High moisture-resistant: The additives make the polymer gypton powder extremely moisture
resistant. It is perfect for damp areas. However, users should always note that it cannot be used
on external walls.

4. Washability: As polymers are added to this plaster, it makes it washable too. you don't need to
repaint the surface. Just wash it off and you have a clean shining surface. It is perfect for use in
the kitchen. If you have small kids, you can let them use the walls as the canvas as cleaning will
be the matter of seconds.

5. Thermal insulator: Gypton plaster is an excellent thermal insulator. Because of the presence of
water of crystallization, it does not let the heat affect the room temperature. When used in the
hot and humid climate, it actually keeps the room temperature optimum. The electricity cost
comes down drastically. This proves more useful for those living on the top-most floors in a hot

6. Fire-resistant: In case of any fire accident, the water molecules present in the plaster begin
converting into steam. This diverts the devastating effect of fire on the conversion process. The
time is taken by fire to damage the building is reduced. Occupants get more time to evacuate.

7. Impact-resistant: The polymer part makes the plaster extremely resistant to impacts either by
pressure or by human activity. You don’t need to worry about the plaster coming off if someone
on the floor above starts jumping! You should go for the best gypton plaster in India for
guaranteed results.

8. No curing time: As with most gypton plasters, even this one does not require the curing time
unlike that of traditional plaster. You can apply paint as soon as the surface is leveled. If you are
planning to move into a new house as soon as possible, this is the perfect solution for a speedy
finish of the home.

9. Economical: This plaster eliminates the need for wet plaster, curing time, putty, skim coats and
takes up a lesser amount of paint. As it makes the walls completely smooth free of cracks, even
the masons take lesser time to finish plastering. When you calculate the total cost, it actually
turns out to be more economical.

We have highlighted the aspects that make polymer gypton powder a better alternative to wet
plaster as well as putty over the wall. The better economic leverage and a host of various positive
aspects make it the preferred choice for builders and home-owners alike.

Kabco Ventures offers one of the best gypton plasters in India by the name Kabco GypPlast. It gives
an excellent strength, ultra white brightness, and smooth finish to your walls. We test our gypton
powder under extreme lab conditions before delivering it to our stakeholders for better results.

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