GypPlast – the new trend of wall plastering!

GypPlast – the new trend of wall plastering!

Building your own house is something that everyone dreams of. Right from planning the architecture, interiorsto the entire look and feel which is no doubt an exciting process. Well yes, it will be tiring too as you have to run around a lot but the end result will be worth the run.

So, when you start with the planning of constructing your house, what are the points that you look for? Well, the first thing is the site you want your dream house to be constructed on, whether you want a villa or an apartment, the number of rooms and the list goes on. But even after so much planning, you will see that after a few years, your walls might start showing cracks giving your ambiance a damp look. Did you ever think why this happens? Well, many people happen to neglect to plan the internal plastering of your walls. If you can take time to decide on the color shade of your wall, you must also devote your time to the material for your wall plastering.

There are various materials used for internal plastering but do you know which is the best one? The answer is ‘GypPlast’. This ready-to-use gypton powderreplaces traditional plastering method to just one easy step. Seems interesting? Read on to know more.

GypPlast – The savior

Generally, internal plastering of walls is a 4-step process, wherein you have to first apply gypsum coat following with a layer of primer, then wall putty, and finally apply paint for a smooth finish of walls. This 4-step process is not only time consuming but comes heavy on pocket and require more labor to accomplish the job. GypPlast, on the other hand, is a gypsum-based powder that helps in a sturdy and easy wall plastering. It can be directly sprayed on the walls and once dried, you can directly apply the paint. GypPlast is an efficient, time-saving, and cost-effective method of internal plastering.

Why choose GypPlast?

In the traditional four-step method of internal plastering, you will notice cracks post application of paint. However, using GypPlast as your base material for internal plastering will help in preventing cracks post application. Not only this, GypPlast has very high adhesion and is highly resistant to humidity. This feature of this product helps in preventing dampness to your walls. It is also impact-resistant as well as fire-resistant. Another advantage of this gypton powder is that it is pure gypsum green product that makes it eco-friendly.

It takes years of savings and planning to build a house and it is important to ensure that a simple crack on the walls doesn’t spoil the beauty of your abode. Kabco Ventures offers a high-quality gypton powder, KabcoGypPlast, that gives an excellent strength, ultra white brightness, and smooth finish to your walls. To know more, visit


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