Adding Style with False Ceilings

Adding Style with False Ceilings


Have you ever wondered what’s the catchiest thing in your house? Decors? Furniture? Well, the answer is Ceilings. Sounds strange but it is true. The moment someone enters your house, their eyes roll up to the ceilings (reflex, you see). While a few years back home interiors were not much hyped, the situation now is different. Home owners are opting for more trendy things like artwork on the walls, wallpapers, carved ceilings, attractive patterns with various materials or color combinations, to name some. Though carved ceilings give your interior a royal look, it is difficult to maintain the novelty of it after a few years.

Replacing this method of artwork, the favouritefixation of most home owners is False Ceilings. Sounds familiar? Here’s a brief on false ceilings.

What is false ceiling?

Not many are aware of what a false ceiling is. Basically, these are the second layer of roof suspended from the main roof with a help of a frame. A false ceiling is constructed below the main ceiling of the room. They are also known as drop ceilings. One of the biggest advantages of this type of ceiling is their ability to adapt to the climatic changes. False ceilings keep your room cool during summers and warm during winters.

Why to use false ceiling

False ceilings add an extra elegance to your rooms lifting up the aesthetics to a different level. It gives more of a contemporary look to your room. False ceilings also act as a concealer to all the electrical wiring of your lights, fan, and other fixtures. These are fixed at a minimum distance of 8 inches from the main ceiling roof. These are available in various materials like Plaster of Paris(POP), Gypsum, PVC sheets, Metal, Glass false ceilings.

Out of these, false ceilings made of POP, Gypsum, and PVC sheets are the most common ones. Not only for residential buildings, but false ceilings are also trending in the commercial and corporate spaces too. Another advantage of false ceilings is that they can be molded and constructed into any design of your choice.

Be it your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or official space, plan and give your space a touch of grandeur with false ceilings.

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