4 uses of Gypsum in the medical industry

4 uses of Gypsum in the medical industry

While everyone is aware of the benefits of gypsum powder in the construction industry, not many know that this powder is used in the medical industry as well. Amazed? Well, you will be more amazed to know its benefits. Read on.

Gypsum powder – an all-rounder!

Gypsum has taken over the construction industry over the last few years. The market of this plaster has seen exceptional growth and is expected to grow at even a better CAGR in the next 10 years. This has only been possible due to the extensive use of gypsum powder in different industries.  Though it is predominantly used as a construction material, it can be used in agriculture, food, decoration, and the medical industry.

When we say the medical industry, you might think we are talking about the plaster casts that are manufactured using gypsum powder(Plaster of Paris) to clamp fractured bones. While this benefit is the most common one across the globe, gypsum powder is not limited to only this. So, after detailed research on the uses of gypsum powder in the medical industry, we have curated this blog that gives out every striking knowledge that you will be surprised to know.

Uses of gypsum:

Chinese medicine: Gypsum powder is the most common ingredient in Chinese medicine. It is known as “shi gao”. This powder is used to cure ailments related to lung and stomach meridian, especially the cases of extra heat in these organs.

As decoction: Gypsum decoction can reduce the DNA content of hepatitis B. So, patients suffering from this condition can include gypsum for their treatment.

Topical usage: After going through the process of pulverization and required calculations, gypsum powder can be used to treat skin ulcers, burns, and eczema. It can be mixed with coptis, anemarrhena, indigo, for better results.

Dentistry: Due to the excellent setting time of this powder, gypsum is a favorite of all the dentists. It can be used to fill in cavities, make tooth caps and tooth substitutes, and mold for constructing dentures. The high thermal resistance of this powder makes it durable to withstand any heat.

Scope of further developments:

Since gypsum powder is a great source of calcium and sulfur, it is being said that gypsum can be used as a dietary supplement for patients who are suffering from these deficiencies. Apparently, It is also recommended for patients suffering from osteoporosis and osteoarthritis with an intake of only 15gms. However, the research on this is still on. With future developments on this product, gypsum can be used extensively for multiple modern medicines.


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